Post-impressionist Paul Gauguin left the world a painting at the last moment of his life named Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?. This also poses the three fundamental questions for all of us. While many, in their whole lives, find impossible to obtain the answers for these questions, and the meaning of life.




We all live our lives in uncertainty, the uncertainty of the world, the uncertainty of society, life  and your inner heart.




Where to find the certainty in uncertainty? It is commonly agreed that people with strong sense of purpose are more inclined to be emotionally stable, competent in controlling life, satisfied with work, and more devoted to career path, Finding the meaning of life will bring more certainty in living.  




Where can these feelings be obtained? There are four answers which are universal.




To live with love. Human love is noble and the need of love is much stronger than other human needs. By sharing joy and happiness, love and sense of belonging will be found.




To live with joy. Under the sunshine, facing the ocean, to enjoy the warmth of the spring and the blossom of flowers. These are all essential emotions in life to make us feel happiness. The feeling of happiness is a certainty.




To live with the sense of being valued. Everything being conducted will be valuable, with certain outcomes and achievements. This is to support others, at the same time, to celebrate ourselves.




To live with the sense of being meaningful. Being meaningful is not too abstract and macro, but is the spirit, understanding, sense, and morality produced by the prefrontal lobe of our brain.




One advice to everyone- why not try to realise your neglected feelings at home, cafe, offices or any familiar environment.




We have invented DBMETA, designed DBBULLs NFT image and established a global decentralized autonoumous organization DBMETA DAO to help  you find yourself, to find self-value and to obtain the sense of happiness and belonging. If you can so, we will congratulate you on possibly finding the meaning of life.




Our mission of this life is to find out the meaning of life.