As the identity certificate for members and the core digital assets of DBMETA DAO, how will DBBULLS NFT open the door for your wealth? How will you achieve freedom of wealth by owning DBBULLS NFT? This video will help you to recognize the value of DBBULLS NFT.


Firstly, identity certificate. By owning DBBULLS, you will obtain the identity certificate of DBMETA DAO. This will guarantee your rights to vote. We will all be able to join the planning and building of this community, equally and transparently, by advising and directly voting. Operating under the smart contract, the decision making process will be open and transparent, and the results will not be manipulated.

Secondly, to obtain DBM. At the initial stage, all members joining our off-line events will be rewarded with digital asset DBM by their DBBULLS. The received value of DBM will be subject to the quantity and level of DBBULLS.


Thirdly, gift packages. By purchasing DBBULLS NFT, equivalent value of product packages and valuable DBM digital assets will be gifted. In the two levels of DBBULLS, Bull and Super Bull, the value and the increase rate will be calculated respectively due to the difference in scarcity.  


Fourthly, making profits by pledging. Static gains will be obtained by pledging the DBBULLS- the staking mining rewards will be received in differentiated speeds subject to quantity and level of DBBULLS - the more DBBULLS with higher level, the more DBM will be rewarded within unit time. The mining could also be speed up by accumulating other modules in the near futures.


Fifthly, mortgage loan. With the growth of DBMETA ecosystem and its empowerment to more industries, DBBULLS and its applications will also be expanding- DBBULLS will be used as  assets with authentic rights  for mortgage loans, and its value will be highlighted even more.


Last but not the least, digital collections. By collecting DBBULLS, members can apply for joining the DBMETA NFT annual auction. The rarer the DBBULLS are, the higher value will be redeemed.


I am sure you have gained some sound knowledge of the values from above six points. What more from DBBULLS will be worthwhile your investment?


Welcome to join DBMETA DAO family. Follow DBMETA, download the DBMETA App and register, to unlock the secrets to wealth.