The development of technology has brought along the changes of eras, the marriage of the internet and commerce has crowned Jefferey Bezos to be the richest person in the world; Steve Jobs’ innovation for smart phones has equipped Apple as the most profitable company globally; and the  arrival of new energy technologies has narrated the legacy of Tesla and its trillion-dollar market value. So what will be the next game changer for a new era? Will it be the METAVERSE?

Is METAVERSE a fad or the arrival of an era? METAVERSE, much like beginning of the internet,  comes with being labeled as a gimmick. Now these internet companies have become the leading innovators of the world, there is no need to see the METAVERSE as a dangerous hoax, and no need to have doubts, just think about the decade when the internet received the same remarks. Believe it or not, the METAVERSE era has arrived.

With COVID19 raging the globe and the world economy in recession, inflation in worldwide has occurred due to loosened money policies adopted by countries to stimulate the economy. In many regions and areas with unstable political environments, legal tender system nearly collapsed. Centralized money system has exerted increasing questioning, with a growing number of investors shifted to decentralized virtual currency to hedge against inflation. The increasing investments have also facilitated the prosperity of the block chain eco-system, then unveiled the METAVERSE era.

Among many blockchain companies, DBMETA is a low-key practitioner with leading resources and skills in the global distributed storage industry. Provide stable, reliable, trustworthy and innovative products, technologies and services for big data computing, storage and applications in the information age. The Funder Clara Li is a doctor of economics and political science from Columbia University in the United States and a master of computer science. Cayman is the registered place of DBMETA, Los Angeles is the North American headquarters of DBMETA, Singapore is the Asian headquarters, Nigeria is the African headquarters, and Hong Kong DBMETA is the main body of the listing.

Harvey from Computer Science Faculty, Harvard University and doctor of economics and Doctor  Clara Li political scienc Sociology Faculty in Colombia University have gained unique knowledge of the block chain industry over their years of experiences. They would like to build a blockchain-based technology, with the integration of online staking mining, Gamefi, Defi, e-commerce, and NFT, to establish a METAVERSE economy body to achieve the creation, transfer, and flow of values in a closed-loop economy. They came to DB, expressed their proposals, then reached the agreement to create the DBMETA METAVERSE society.

DBMETA was born, with such background and enormous opportunities. DBMETA will break the existing currency circulation system to build a global self-circulation system for money by using block chain and distributed storage technologies. DBMETA will energize and innovate business models, and provide a comprehensive solution for industries as e-commerce, advertising, games, finance, etc. on a block chain technology base. DBMETA DAO, as the digital community for DBMETA METAVERSE, will be the pivotal part of DBMETA eco-system. It will offer a METAVERSE society enabling everyone to obtain equal and trustworthy virtual wealth, in a responsible, valuable, and achievable manner.

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