DBMETA DAO is a METAVERSE digital citizen communityinitiated by DBMETA. It is our home.

Why do we call it home? Because DBMETA DAO wascreated as a family for all of its members to achieve andobtain freedom of wealth, happiness, and sense ofbelonging. We are connected by DBMETA to createtogether, recognize together, manage together, sharetogether, and win together.


To create together, means to build up DBMETA DAOglobal digital community with joint efforts. As the growthof this community, more members will be joiningDBMETA’s growing e-commerce ecosystem, which willsignificantly reduce the costs. Also, virtual assets can beearned by online staking mining, watching videos, andplaying online games. The more time invested the moreassets will be earned. Users’ wealth will be accumulatedwith zero investment; meanwhile, DBMETA will alsoreceive advertising income from its daily visitations.Annually, DBMETA will spend 20% of its profits to buyback the members’ virtual assets.


To recognize together, means to recognize the value ofDBM and DBBULLS. Not only to be used in e-commerce

in METAVERSE as a currency, but also, with thedevelopment of DBMETA and its empowerment to moreindustries, virtual assets will be applied in moreapplications. It will be well-recognized by more investorswith more values to be manifested.


To manage together, means everyone will have equalrights to manage the DBMETA DAO community. Basedon the block chain technology, DBMETA DAO will ensuredirect voting system from all members to improve themanagement and development of the community. Everymember will be joining the process effectively with theimplementation of the backstage smart contract, whichwill guarantee the decisions are made openly, equally,with no possibility to be manipulated.


To share together, is aiming to establish a big familyopening its arms for everyone to experience freedom ofwealth, warmth, happiness, and sense of belonging.Members will be benefited from the sharing model byrewarded with product profits and virtual assets. It willtake only seconds by the smart contract to reward themembers to ensure the effectiveness and equality of thesharing model. DBMETA ecosystem also offers assetearning methods with zero investment in all stages, whichwill guarantee the best use of resources and the bestearnings for members.


To win together, is our ultimate goal to establish an equaland trustworthy METAVERSE society that is reliable,responsible, valuable, and achievable, to carry outeveryone’s dream with warmth.


Downloading DBMETA App and register to unlock moresecrets to wealth.