When designing the DBBULLS NFT, the core team of DBMETA has been thinking what can they create to represent the key digital assets of DBMETA, at the same time, to become the identity certificate for its members. This video will bring you the story behind the scene. 

The story started from another story; The symbol of New York ’s financial hub, The bronze bull statue in Wall St. in Manhattan financial centre, was erected to witness Wall St.’s ups and downs, especially the countless bullish markets. Bitcoin 2022 Miami, a METAVERSE bull, looking alike the Wall St. bull, was presented to the audience, marking that Miami has become the global hub for cryptocurrency. The Miami bull has been seen as a strong competitor to the Wall St. counterpart. As many ridiculed, the Miami METAVERSE bull from digital currency era has challenged the Wall St. bull by asking the question, ‘Who Will Win’.


This was also the timing for DBMETA designing and inventing the DB NFT. The team reached an agreement of taking the bull symbol quickly. With the same wishes carried by the Miami METAVERSE bull and the Wall St. bull, DBMETA attaches prosperous blessings in the DBBULLS to unleash them in the field of ‘Who Will Win’. Furthermore, DBMETA team has entitled the DBBULLs a personified image- Bull head with human bodies, showing that members of DBMETA DAO share the same value of digital assets, with the same strong wills to pursue freedom of wealth . DBBULLS will be the identity certificate for members, who can participate in management of the community directly by voting. This will enable a decentralised community to work by joint efforts to further build DBMETA Dao, to achieve mutual benefits,


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