In recent years, the crypto currency industry has achieved epochal developments. El Salvador and the Central African Republic have recognised Bitcoin as legal tender. Numerous regulators want to adopt this industry now and the United States of America has issued an executive order that they may use stablecoin. Dubai has issued the regulatory framework and has distributed several licenses to big players. The tide of Crypto Currency has become desirable.


Under the influence of global economy recession caused by COVID19, countries have to take loosened money policies by overissuing currency, which has triggered global inflation. Many unstable regions and areas worldwide, the legal money systems have collapsed. Centralised money system have become increasingly uncertain. In Friedrick Hayeks Denationalisation of Money, he believes money exchange between countries should not be issued by one certain country, the centralised banking system should be discarded and privatised money should be permitted. More and more people have come to realise that money should be issued by block chain technology and be owned by people themselves.


DBM has been invigorated in this environment to respond to the new era. It is a fair and trustworthy virtual asset which will be used globally as a token, aiming to establish a global free-circulation system for money. DBM is theoretically based on Nobel Economist Hayeks Denationalisation of Money.


DBM uses its self-developed POW NFT consensus mechanism by improving Bitcoins POW. POW is one of the most common consensus mechanisms, however, if hashrate has exceeded 51 percent, Bitcoin networks will have the possibilities to be compromised by hackers.

While POW NFT is a much more advanced consensus mechanism compared to Bitcoin, with forward-thinking vision combined with highly advanced block chain technologies. Anyone will be able to get DBM more easily than bitcoin via a laptop or a mobile phone. The more users, the faster the hashrate will be . Transitions can be completed immediately. NFT applied in staking mining is equalled to be computing power; the higher computing power, the more DBM will be obtained.


At this stage, DBM can be used as currency in e-commerce applications. Equivalent value of DBM will be rewarded by purchasing products;  consumers will also be beneficiaries. Certain amount of DBM can also be earned via sharing mode, which means casual time will also be potentially utilised to produce financial value. By using block chain and distributed accounting technologies, users can obtain DBM via mobile phone staking mining, with no investment needed.


Not only can DBM be used as currency in e-commerce in METAVERSE, DBM will also be a virtual asset with great potential. In the future, DBM will gradually be applied in GAMEFI, DeFi, and advertising areas, At the same time, it will energise industries including real estate, social, and media. DBM will be a major payment method to build up a widely used application in multiple industries, aiming to lift and rebuild business models. DBM will also be a fair and trustworthy free-circulating asset to break existing money exchanging barriers and to eventually rebuild the money circulating system globally. The more applications DBM obtain, the greater its value will become.


From a value perspective, DBM is the carrier of trust valueand consensus value. From an incentive perspective, DBM provides financial rewards to encourage the participation of validators. From a management perspective, DBM is the governance token for people joining DBMETA METAVERSE community. From a security perspective, DBM, as the presence of a value incentive and will lift the level of security of the internet and improve participation.

From a profit perspective, DBM is based on benefits from an eco-system, which will encourage more people to join its eco-system building. The value of Bitcoin has increased by 16 million times, and the value of Ethereum has grown by 5 thousand times. However, no matter whether its Bitcoin or Ethereum, both do not have a real economy as support. DBM, on the other hand, will use the advanced blockchain technologies to build up the widest application environment. It will also use real economy to scaffold the value of DBM and to ensure the huge potential in its future development. DBM will potentially be the global free-circulating virtual asset in the next era.  


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